The Taiwan Monthly

Jun. 2022

Global Connection

Taiwan conveys positive signal via online event amid the pandemic wave

In the latest online investment event “SinoPac and TWSE Taiwan Corporate Day 2022” co-hosted by the TWSE and SinoPac Securities during May 16-24, 11 TWSE-/TPEx-listed firms briefed around 150 institutional investors representatives on their business operations via 11 video conferences. The TWSE also presented the Taiwan Innovation Board to participants in the keynote speech session.


Dr. Francis Kan, an expert on international relations then spoke, with the title "Implications of Russia-Ukraine War for Cross-Taiwan Strait and Beyond," on the influence of recent global event on Taiwan's international relations, policy, and economy. In addition, Dr. Kan believes that the prospect of military action across the Taiwan strait is slim, and the continuity of Western-led framework despite China’s assertiveness can be expected.


With the geopolitical conflicts mentioned in the keynote speech, along with the COVID-19 pandemic and inflationary trends, we are pleased to say that Taiwan’s economy is still robust. Taiwan’s economic growth rate in 2021 was above 6%, attaining an 11-year high, and the estimated economic growth rate is around 4% for 2022.


It is the resiliency of our listed companies that contributes to the prosperity of our domestic economy; as a whole, they reported NT$1,182 billion in net profit before tax for the first quarter of 2022, which increased 27.11%, compared to 2021.


On a daily basis, the TWSE monitors and evaluates any and all possible impact from the pandemic, and concurrently delivers the utmost level of disclosure and market efficiency. With our strong economic fundamentals intact, the Taiwan capital market maintains its momentum and provides the reliable support the economy needs.  


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