The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2023

Message from Chairman

Highlights: the TWSE 2023 vision

The TWSE Chairman, Mr. Sherman H. M. Lin, shared the TWSE 2023 vision at the start of lunar New Year, aiming to further advance development of the Taiwan capital market. Highlights of the TWSE 2023 business plan are as follows:

Enriching Industrial Clusters
To satisfy the demands of an ever-evolving market, while simultaneously nurturing tomorrow’s rising stars, the TWSE plans to spotlight potential industries such as the digital economy and green-energy technology to attain a clustering effect, create value for startup eco-systems and expand investments. 

In addition, the TWSE will assist innovative corporations in raising funds through setting up a dedicated team to advance communication between them and intermediary institutions. The TWSE will also continuously review related regulations to boost listing willingness of prospective applicants.

Expanding international network relationship 
To accentuate active dialogue with investors, the TWSE will visit international financial centers to meet key institutional investors. The TWSE will update the latest Taiwan capital market development for investors and consider their feedback in further increasing investment in Taiwan.

In addition, the TWSE will continually bolster closer ties with global investors, build on reformative measures per their advices and design a friendlier fund-raising and investment environment for all market users.

Constructing the ESG eco-system
With sustainability emerging as a global core value, the TWSE is formulating ESG eco-system to enhance the Taiwan capital market competitiveness.

In 2023, the TWSE will focus on augmenting the ESG information platform, implementing ESG evaluation and launching a full range of ESG products to position with global trends.

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