The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2023


TWSE uses evaluation indicator for guidance, takes concrete actions to support “enterprise promotion of cultural development” into the scope of sustainable development practice to encourage enterprises to support domestic cultural industry

In order to promote the support of cultural development by TWSE/TPEx listed companies, the TWSE revised the "Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies" in line with the international sustainable development trends and the promotion of domestic cultural development measures by the Ministry of Culture and the FSC, plus incorporated enterprises' resources into cultural and artistic activities or the cultural innovation industry through support modes, including donation, sponsorship, investment, procurement and strategic cooperation, into the scope of " Preserving Public Welfare," to help drive enterprises to implement cultural sustainability. In addition, the TWSE revised the "2023 (10th) Corporate Governance Evaluation Indicator" to encourage companies to invest resources to support the development of the domestic culture.

Lih-Chung Chien, Executive Director of the Corporate Governance Center, said that TWSE/TPEx listed companies should pay attention to the rights and interests of stakeholders when engaging in business operations, to environmental, social and corporate governance factors while pursuing sustainable operation and profit, plus incorporate them into their management policies and operating activities. To guide enterprises to practice sustainable development and promote Taiwan's cultural innovation industry, the investment of corporate resources into the cultural industry will be included in the Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles and evaluation indicators.

The sustainable development of ESG has become an international trend, and the TWSE is also actively constructing the ESG ecosystem to guide TWSE/TPEx listed companies to invest in sustainable development and disclose their implementation status in the sustainability report. In promoting cultural development, TWSE/TPEx listed companies may support cultural development via concrete actions such as supporting exhibitions or activities held by domestic performance groups, art and cultural organizations or artists, sponsoring the production of domestic films, documentaries, television dramas, music, broadcast and performance, etc., as well as encouraging enterprise employees to enter performing halls and cinemas to contact cultural and artistic activities.

In order to promote the cooperation between private enterprises and cultural workers, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has set up the “CSR/ESG for Culture” website ( to provide a platform for enterprises interested in practicing sustainable development to find engaging cultural proposals and contact relevant groups to promote the implementation of corporate support for cultural development. The TWSE will continue to cooperate with art and cultural organizations, plans to support Taiwan's cultural creators in various fields such as performing arts, film production, music, etc. through public donations.

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