The Taiwan Monthly

Feb. 2024

About the TWSE

2024 Strategic Focus:Digital x Sustainable Twin Transformation

In the press conference held on January 10, 2024, the TWSE Chairman Sherman Lin outlined the five core strategies that will shape the organization's direction throughout the year. These strategies center around a twin transformation towards digitalization and sustainability:


Strategy 1: Market Expansion for Enhanced Market Value


In the short term, the focus lies on elevating market capitalization and liquidity. This involves strengthening Investor Relations, emphasizing the value of vertical integration within industry chains, and enhancing Taiwan's capital market visibility through collaboration with international securities brokers and custodian banks.


The medium- to long-term strategy revolves around promoting clusters in three emerging industries: Digital and Cloud Services, Green Energy and Environmental Services, plus Biotechnology and Medical Care. The goal is to attract globally renowned companies to list on the TWSE, fostering an environment that encourages startups. Collaboration with venture capital associations and funds will further sustain and promote trading activity in the Taiwan stock market.


Strategy 2: Connecting Stakeholders for Sustainable Transformation


Expanding its reach to Europe and the Middle East in 2024 to secure additional funds, the TWSE highlights the features of Taiwan's capital market, particularly in sustainable development and long-term stable returns. Leveraging synergies with subsidiaries such as the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange and Taiwan Index Plus, the TWSE aims to drive sustainable transformation through various initiatives, including ESG talent development, international sustainability disclosure standards, a domestic carbon trading platform, digital sustainability reports, ESG evaluations and databases, as well as Investor Relations and engagement support platforms.


Strategy 3: Inclusive Finance and Augmented Investor Protection


Utilizing new technologies to enhance regulatory efficiency and investor protection, the TWSE is committed to promoting a diverse range of financial products and services. This includes exploring active and multi-asset ETFs, fostering a vibrant REIT market, and promoting cross-industry collaboration within the securities industry.


Strategy 4: Strengthening Operational Resilience to Mitigate Market Risks


To ensure uninterrupted operations and prepare for future business expansion, the TWSE plans to upgrade network systems and equipment for overall augmented system stability and performance. For securities firms, the commitment is to continually strengthen cybersecurity defenses and backup capabilities, including comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, updated security specifications, and regular cybersecurity drills to enhance preparedness and resilience.


Strategy 5: Twin Transformation to Deliver Sustainable and Efficient Services


Building on the digital transformation initiated in 2023, the TWSE is further engaging external consultants to create a customer-centric and agile digital transformation blueprint. This initiative aims to establish a data warehouse, actively collect user experience feedback, optimize User Interface/User Experience for websites, and gain deeper insights into customer needs. 


For sustainable transformation, the TWSE is committed to positioning itself as a forerunner in market sustainability by expanding the use of green energy, aligning with SDGs, and completing the disclosure and verification of its 2023 greenhouse gas emissions inventory.


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