The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2024

About the TWSE

The TWSE unveils strategic vision for Year of the Dragon: Pioneering growth through innovation and sustainability


On February 15, 2024, the Lunar New Year Group Greeting for the Securities and Futures Industry was held at the TWSE. The event brought together competent authorities, industry associations, and peripheral units to express hopes for the prosperous development of the capital market in the Year of the Dragon. The TWSE Chairman, Sherman Lin, extended gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to the market's success over the past year, while also acknowledging the potential risks in light of global elections and geopolitical influences.


Chairman Lin outlined the TWSE's priorities for the year, emphasizing the expansion of the market size, innovation in products and services, promotion of net-zero and sustainability, and the enhancement of cybersecurity resilience. These initiatives are designed to bolster long-term growth and fortify Taiwan's standing in the global market. He also stressed the significance of innovative thinking and collaboration in addressing market risks and challenges, underscoring the TWSE's dedication to advancing the capital market through strategic partnerships and collective endeavors. These initiatives include:


1.   The TWSE plans to enhance company value and market size by optimizing corporate quality, promoting sustainable practices, and attracting domestic and foreign capital. Leveraging key industries like AI and semiconductors, the TWSE will facilitate the development of the digital cloud, green energy, and biotechnology sectors. Additionally, efforts will be made to increase visibility for listed companies through investor conferences and industry seminars.


2.   In fostering innovation, the TWSE will introduce new products and services such as active and multi-asset ETFs and fund-structured REITs. The digital transformation will focus on optimizing operational processes for stakeholders and providing value-added data services, with a focus on customer needs.


3.   To address cybersecurity threats, the TWSE will implement intelligent defense equipment and enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure. Emerging technologies like big data analytics and AI will be integrated into regulatory and market surveillance processes to improve precision and efficiency.


4.   In leading the journey towards net-zero emissions, the TWSE will optimize the ESG InfoHub and establish a robust carbon trading mechanism. Efforts will be made to guide institutional investors towards responsible investment practices and assist companies in engaging with stakeholders.


For more detailed information on these initiatives, stay tuned for updates in the “Market Insights” section on our website.