The Taiwan Monthly

Apr. 2024

Global Connection

Strengthening Taiwan's global presence: "Taiwan Day" in London and engaging with  major market participants in Europe

In early March, Taiwan's financial authorities embarked on a journey to Europe, led by Chen-Shan Chang, Director-General of the Securities and Futures Bureau (the SFB), and Sherman Lin, Chairman and CEO of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (the TWSE). This marked the beginning of a series of engagements aimed at showcasing Taiwan's capital market prowess to the world.


The trip encompassed meetings with key European institutions, highlighting Taiwan's commitment to enhancing international connectivity and attracting foreign investment. The pinnacle of this outreach effort was the "Taiwan Day" event held in London on March 5. Attended by nearly 40 prominent UK investors, this event provided a platform to unveil Taiwan's latest market reforms and its thriving stock market.


During the event,  SFB Director-General Chang underscored Taiwan's dedication to foreign investment attraction, while TWSE Chairman & CEO Lin highlighted the UK's significance as a major investment source for Taiwan. Together, they outlined Taiwan's ongoing efforts to create an investor-friendly environment and deepen its partnership with the UK.


Following the event, the TWSE organized one-on-one sessions with investors to address specific inquiries and gather feedback, reaffirming Taiwan's commitment to bolstering investor confidence. The response from institutional investors was positive, highlighting Taiwan's economic fundamentals, technological leadership, and ESG focus.


Meanwhile, the TWSE engagements in Europe yielded fruitful outcomes, establishing direct communication channels with major market participants. Discussions covered a wide array of topics, including settlement cycle reforms, sustainability trends, and potential collaborations with the European Union's Capital Markets Union. Subsequently, the delegation continued its efforts in Singapore, further strengthening ties with investors in this key financial hub.


Looking ahead, the TWSE remains committed to strengthening international connections, extending its outreach efforts to markets in the United States, Asia, and beyond. By actively listening to investor feedback and showcasing Taiwan's advantages in sustainable development and stable returns, the TWSE aims to attract more capital and enhance Taiwan's global presence in the years to come.


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