The Taiwan Monthly

May 2024

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

Nurturing multiple noteworthy companies and leading diversified Taiwan industrial development

In the 21st century, the electronics industry has emerged as a crucial global sector. Taiwanese companies have exceptional talent, cutting-edge technology, and resilient operational capabilities. They hold considerable sway and competitiveness in the global semiconductor and information and communication technology (ICT) market landscape, serving as a solid pillar for the Taiwanese capital market. To sustain Taiwan’s pivotal role, the TWSE is committed to not only bolstering the competitiveness of the electronics industry but also guiding the diversified sectors, nurturing the growth of emerging market, and fostering innovation. To this end, the TWSE will prioritize four key areas to facilitate the balanced and sound development of capital market industries, thus elevating the value of the Taiwanese capital market.


1.     Enhancing Industry Linkages

To expand collaboration and synergies across the industry supply chains, the TWSE will invite senior executives from top-performing listed companies in terms of market value and profitability to participate in the “Grow Taiwan: Capital Market Summit.” This event shall serve as a platform to raise awareness of ESG principles and information security risks while aligning with international trends. Our goal is to foster cross-industry exchanges among enterprises. Additionally, the TWSE will regularly host thematic investor conferences . By leveraging diverse media channels such as newspapers, television, and online, we aim to foster linkages among listed companies within the industry chain, thereby amplifying the visibility of outstanding enterprises in the market.


2.     Guiding Diversified Industry Development

The capital market should embody both depth and breadth. Taiwan’s ICT sector has maintained significant international competitiveness, with a complete industry chain. The TWSE commit to reinforce existing market niches, leveraging our capabilities in the semiconductor and ICT industries as a solid foundation. By harnessing the combined strengths of the General Board and the Taiwan Innovation Board, our focus is on nurturing the growth of emerging sectors like green energy, digital technology, and biotechnology. This strategic alignment aims to guide diversified industry expansion. Through collaboration with the public sector and tapping into resources from the startup ecosystem, we will jointly establish a “National Startup Team”. Our aim is to increase the share of the new economy sectors to 10% within the next decade, thereby facilitating industry transformation and upgrading, ultimately enhancing Taiwan’s position in the new economic landscape.


3.     Boost effectiveness of attracting domestic/foreign investment

As a fundraising platform, the TWSE is dedicated to facilitating the flow of funds and enhance market visibility. We continue to use a dual-track domestic and international investment model to attract capital from new regions and through diverse channels. In 2024, we will unlock and reach out to new investment from Eurasia and the Middle East. Two large investment forums will be held in Taipei to showcase the international brand of TWSE. This year, we will highlight roadshow events to activate Taiwan and Singapore's capital markets, with plans to expand collaborative roadshows with exchanges in Japan and South Korea. Through joint marketing with other exchanges, the TWSE can consolidate the capital market resources of Taiwan and other countries, enhance communication and connections between domestic and foreign investors, promote companies to deepen their communication channels with investors, and enhance corporate visibility.


4.     Optimizing Investor Relations

In 2024, we encourage companies with market capitalization of over NTD10 billion to hold investor conferences at least twice a year to enhance communication with investors and increase corporate visibility. Eventually, all listed companies will be required to hold two investor conferences per year. To provide user-friendly access to investors and improve the provision of information in the global capital market, the TWSE aims to optimize the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) and ESG InfoHub websites this year, providing comprehensive content on ESG performance. Furthermore, an integrated IPO information disclosure platform will be established to refine information disclosure channels and optimize user interfaces, further enhancing investor satisfaction.


Looking ahead to the future, the TWSE aiming to internationalize and create a hub for global fundraising. As we attract more companies to list in Taiwan, this will drive the development of next-generation core strategic industries and enhance national competitiveness. Listed companies are vital partners in our efforts. To create a forward-looking and internationally competitive capital market, the TWSE collaborates closely with listed companies to uplift their corporate value and help them become international enterprises, further creating long-term value for shareholders. We look to build a trading environment that promotes the shared prosperity of capital market participants by expanding the scale and visibility of the Taiwan capital market, and to facilitate all participants in the securities market to share in the benefits.


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