The Taiwan Monthly

May 2024

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

TWSE has announced director and supervisor remuneration payments filed by listed companies for 2023 on April 15, 2024

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation has announced the director and supervisor remuneration payments, reasonableness and other related information for domestic listed and primary listed companies for 2023 have been disclosed in director and supervisor remuneration under the Corporate Governance section of the Market Observation Post System on April 15, 2024. Investors can use different search criteria, including total remuneration for directors and supervisors, percentage out of income after tax, and average remuneration per director/supervisor. The system has created an environment for the market mechanism to work and urge companies set reasonable director and supervisor remuneration.


Investors will be able to find annual reports for annual general meeting for individual companies for 2023 or to search electronic copies of the annual reports under the "Electronic Books" section on the MOPS.


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