The Taiwan Monthly

May 2024


The TWSE has issued the “Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Sustainable Development Committee Charter” to assist listed companies in deepening their corporate sustainable governance culture

    According to the “Sustainable Development Action Plans for TWSE- and TPEx-listed Companies (2023),” given the broad jurisdiction of the board of directors, the participation of functional committees such as the sustainable development committee in sustainable governance related issues can help improve corporate governance performance. Considering the increasingly complex nature of sustainable business and its broad spectrum, cross-departmental teamwork can make sustainable development issues more comprehensively planned and duly implemented. 

    In order to assist listed companies in deepening the culture of sustainable governance and encourage the establishment of a sustainability committee (Chief Sustainability Officer) by listed companies, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the TWSE) has issued the “Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Sustainable Development Committee Charter” to optimize the supervisory function of the board of directors on sustainable governance. 

    After reviewing to domestic and foreign practical operation cases, theSample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Sustainable Development Committee Charter” jointly established by the TWSE and the TPEx referred to 14 articles. The key points of the content are as follows, the company may adopt appropriate measures based on its operating scale, industrial nature and business characteristics to improve the management of sustainable development.

  1. The purpose and basis, scope of application, public announcement for reference, and procedures for formulation and revision of organizational regulations.
  2. The composition and responsibilities of the committee and the promoting and the executing unit, as well as the term and by-election of committee members.
  3. The procedures for holding and convening committee meetings, agenda and attendance, resolution methods, avoidance of interests, minutes of proceedings, handling of meeting resolutions, and resources for performing responsibilities.

    Faced with the challenge of climate change, the TWSE continues to promote and implement the Sustainable Development Action Plans, deepen the corporate sustainable governance culture, enhance the disclosure of sustainable information, and create an ESG ecosystem for mutual prosperity, in order to improve the sustainable development and resilience of Taiwanese enterprises, continuously enhance the competitiveness of the capital market, and work together with enterprises to achieve stability and progress.


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