The Taiwan Monthly

May 2024


The TWSE’s ESG InfoHub is upgraded to provide more information and functions.

    The TWSE’s ESG InfoHub ( ) has received a wide response from all sectors since its launch in July 2023. As a platform integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) information of listed companies, ESG InfoHub helps investors and businesses have greater knowledge of  ESG-related matters, and can serve as a reference for ESG investment and sustainability transformation.


     In order to further enhance the performance of the ESG InfoHub and enhance the user experience, the TWSE today launched its optimized and updated features with user feedback taken into account, in order for the ESG InfoHub to stay abreast of the times and continue to be the best tool for investors and enterprises to query ESG information.


 The new features include:

 1. Optimization of the ESG dashboard interface 

    “ESG Dashboard for Listed Companies,” the website’s most distinctive feature, has been updated and improves the dashboard interface design to make the operation closer to user needs, and more friendly for ESG information beginners. It is easier for users to know whether an indicator belongs to E, S, or G, and they can also select the ESG indicators to be displayed on the dashboard. In addition, the TWSE is also preparing for the expansion of the ESG database indicators through this update, so that listed companies may have more diversified ESG indicators and contents in their filing in the future. Furthermore, the TWSE will plan to allow quick queries and comparisons by users on the ESG InfoHub to optimize the system and meet user needs.


2. Integration of penalty information for TWSE-listed companies

    Penalty information is an important reference aspect for listed companies’ ESG performance. In order to provide ESG equity reference information, the ESG InfoHub upgrade referred to the ESG dashboard concept, added penalty information, and designed the function of individual company and cross-company comparisons plus cross-industry comparisons. In addition to facilitating users to quickly query the penalty information of listed companies and advanced comparison, it also achieves the market management goal of investor protection.


3. ESG Courses page launched 

    Talent cultivation has always been one of the important strategies promoted by the TWSE for the construction of the “ESG ecosystem.” In recent years, the TWSE has actively cooperated with non-profit organizations and academic institutions to launch a series of ESG-related courses, with the goal of continuously augmenting the quality and quantity of sustainability talents in the capital market. This time, a new “Sustainability Courses” page is added to the ESG InfoHub to provide ESG course information, teaching materials, and videos so that users can learn sustainability knowledge online.


     Other than the updates above, the ESG InfoHub has fine-tuned the “Greenhouse Gas” section. To assist enterprises in complying with the greenhouse gas inventory and the certification schedule planning in the “TWSE- and TPEx-Listed Companies’ Sustainable Development Roadmap,” the ESG InfoHub provides links to assurance institutions, and added “Inventory Tools and Database Resources” to assist TWSE-listed companies in greenhouse gas inventory and links to resources such as the carbon emission coefficient database.


    The TWSE said that the ESG InfoHub is an important foundation for sharing and applying ESG data, promoting ESG investment, and guiding sustainability capital investment. In the future, Taiwan’s ESG database indicators will gradually expand, and the ESG InfoHub will continue its improvement and development to provide more value-added services and enhance the application value of information for investors and TWSE-listed companies.


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