The Taiwan Monthly

Jan. 2018

Global Connection

TWSE invites high quality listed companies to Japan to draw in new investment

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (“TWSE”) and Daiwa-Cathay Capital Markets held a Taiwan Investment Seminar in Tokyo on the 7th to 8th of December, inviting seven strong-performing listed Taiwanese companies as well as 21 Japanese institutional investors to participate. A total of 60 one-on-one meetings were held to enhance Japanese investors’ understanding of Taiwan’s capital markets and to show the many potential opportunities Taiwan offers.


In recent years, Japanese investors have shown a greater interest in investing in emerging markets in Asia, and the TWSE has also been actively promoting the Taiwan stock market in Japan, including taking part in the “IR Festa” event held in February this year in Tokyo to further retail investors’ interests in Taiwan’s capital market.  The Taiwan Investment Seminar was also held in Tokyo and geared towards institutional investors. By continuously engaging in promotional activities, the TWSE has connected with Japanese investors to augment the advantages of investing in Taiwan. Japanese investment currently comprises 2.55% of the total share of foreign investment; this increased from only 1% a few years earlier, demonstrating the market’s many desirable investment prospects.


During the Taiwan Investment Seminar, in addition to organizing meetings between representatives of listed companies and Japanese institutional investors, the TWSE also held a luncheon with investors directly. Many large institutional investors were also invited to attend the luncheon, where the Executive Vice President of the TWSE Trading Department, Rebecca Chen, introduced the recent outstanding performance of Taiwan’s capital markets. The presentation illustrated the policies and product development strategies of TWSE through trading, new products, corporate governance and other aspects, as well as taking the opportunity to convey to the participating Japanese institutional investors the TWSE priority to strengthen global standardization and to expand investor awareness of market investment possibilities.


The institutional investors participating in this seminar expressed strong interest towards TWSE’s many new products and recent measures to ease restrictions. Many institutional investors and TWSE officials discussed relevant issues and exchanged opinions and viewpoints about investing in Taiwan’s capital market, indicating a high level of interest towards the development of Taiwan’s stock exchange.