The Taiwan Monthly

May 2018

Global Connection

TWSE engages domestic and foreign investment, starting with Singapore

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) jointly hosted the Taiwan Investment Forum in Singapore on April 12 and 13 with Goldman Sachs. Nine top-performing TWSE/TPEx listed companies joined and took this opportunity to share the development status of Taiwan’s capital market with local investors.


TAIEX broke above the 10,000-point mark and continues to advance while the stock market is performing equally well, indicating that the overall operations of Taiwan’s listed companies are in good order. Foreign investments in Taiwan are also on the rise; as of March 2018, foreign shareholdings already account for as much as 41.39% of the stock exchange market’s total market cap, which shows that Taiwan’s stocks are strongly favored by investors both at home and abroad.


The TWSE stated that high yield, high dividend, and effective corporate governance are just some of the investment value advantages of Taiwanese stocks. This year, the TWSE will not only be working to attract investors from global financial centers such as London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore, but will moreover be engaging in local promotional efforts with both active and passive institutional investors. Foreign institutional investors will be invited to Taiwan to meet with listed companies so as to further Taiwan investment.


In addition to the investment forum hosted in Singapore, the TWSE delegation also visited Singaporean and Malaysian companies as well as hosting the “Foreign Listings on TWSE Seminar” in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which was attended by dozens of local enterprises. The seminar gave foreign companies a better understanding of the advantages of Taiwan’s capital market and prompted them to become listed in Taiwan, which will in turn expand the scope of Taiwan’s capital market and enhance its level of internationalization.



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