The Taiwan Monthly

Nov. 2018

Trading Policies

Continuous trading to be implemented on March 23, 2020

As major capital markets are matching with continuous trading, the TWSE will implement the continuous trading system during intraday regular trading sessions on March 23, 2020. It is expected to improve trading efficiency and information transparency. Orders will still be matched by call auction at the end of the opening and closing sessions.


New order types such as market order, Immediate or Cancel (IOC), and Fill or Kill (FOK) will be available during the continuous trading session.Intra-day volatility interruption will be slightly modified for continuous trading in order to limit extreme price fluctuation.


Whenever the trading system detects that the potential execution price of a specific stock will fall out of a specified range (+/-3.5%) as compared to the weighted average traded price over the preceding five minutes (reference price), matching for that stock will be postponed for two minutes. As for information disclosure, the trading prices, volume, and best five bid/ask prices will be disclosed on a real-time basis. A five-second snapshot is also provided.

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