The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2019

Global Connection

The TWSE visited North Macedonia to share the Taiwan Experience and augment Global Exposure

The Taiwan Stock Exchange was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to attend the “Taiwanese Experience and Knowledge Sharing Seminar” on May 29 in ‎Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia‎. A vigorous sharing of ideas occurred with around fifty attendees, representing six stock exchanges and local securities brokerages from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia.


These six Eastern European countries, share similar market structure with Taiwan: 99% of their businesses are small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Sharing the Taiwanese experience with these exchanges on how we assist SMEs, promotes Taiwan’s global image, deepens cross-cultural ties and connects with new markets. 


In the seminar, the TWSE SVP Lawrence Shan initially introduced the first-rate performance of the Taiwan capital market in recent years, and in particular, shared the experience about how to  market listed companies, and how to acquire international investment. Next, a representative of the Listing Department focused on the multi-level financing market, the diverse IPO criteria in Taiwan, and how a company may be assisted in getting financing from the capital market at different life cycles. In the third keynote speech, the Corporate Governance Department representative addressed how increasing information transparency and the level of corporate governance could make listed companies appear more attractive to investors. In the last part, the Chief Executive Officer of BizLink Group, Felix Teng, shared his actual experience about IPO practices in Taiwan. Attendees expressed that they learned much from the series of lectures at the seminar, and wished to reproduce the successful experiences of Taiwan in their home countries.


The TWSE has actively promoted international connections in recent years. This event broadened our reach to Eastern Europe, advocating the Taiwanese experience on a professional level. In the future, the TWSE will continue to develop global connectivity, increase Taiwan’s global positioning, attract more capital and quality businesses to participate in the Taiwan capital market.


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