The Taiwan Monthly

Sep. 2019

Global Connection

New Southbound Opportunities - TWSE and Cathay Securities to visit Thailand

To explore emerging markets in Southeast Asia, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Cathay Securities visited Bangkok, Thailand and held the “Taiwan Investment Seminar” on August 26 to attract more long-term investors to TWSE-listed stocks.


The TWSE states that compared to Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand takes a more conservative approach to investing overseas, and is less familiar with Taiwan's stock market. Considering the Thai government started investing overseas in late 2017, Thai investors may be growing more open to new investments. To take advantage of the change and help Thai institutional investors learn more about Taiwan's stock market, the TWSE, in support of the Taiwan government's New Southbound Policy, and Cathay Securities are teaming up in hosting the “Taiwan Investment Seminar” in Thailand and are eager to explore the opportunities in these new markets.


A number of local asset management firms, securities dealers, insurance companies and other large institutional investors were invited to the seminar. It showcased the growth potential, consistently strong dividend yields, healthy corporate governance and other advantages of Taiwanese businesses as well as presented the strength and depth of the Taiwan market. The account opening process and trading system were explained in detail. The popularity of the seminar reflected the fact that despite a limited knowledge of Taiwan's stock market, Thai investors showed great interest. It is a promising sign that the TWSE will be observing closely.


In the face of increasingly stringent EU regulations and the MSCI inclusion of China A shares, the TWSE is seeking to alleviate the impact by visiting financial hubs around the world and attract more investors to Taiwan while concurrently exploring promising New Southbound markets. The TWSE promotes the advantages of TWSE-listed stocks and enhances Taiwan’s global positioning as well as that of strong performing domestic business to synergize market momentum.


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