The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2020

Trading Policies

Reminders for Foreign Institutional Investors (FINI)

The TWSE has cooperated with the authority to loosen the restrictions requiring overseas parent companies or representative offices to register collective investment accounts for foreign employees in order to enable TWSE-listed and TPEx-listed companies retain talents and enhance their international competitiveness. The overseas parent, subsidiary, branch office or representative office of companies on the TWSE-listed, TPEx-listed and Emerging Stock Board may adopt the identity of a foreign institutional investor to register collective investment accounts for their overseas foreign employees, making it easier for the employees to handle the securities transferred to, subscribed by and distributed to them in accordance with the law.


While loosening these restrictions, the TWSE reinforces the supervision of information registration of foreign and Chinese investments. Overseas Chinese expatriates, foreign nationals and Chinese investors who have registered to invest in domestic negotiable securities or engaged in futures trading are required to notify their agents if they wish to change the content of their registration. The agents are to promptly change the TWSE registration upon learning of or receiving documentation related to the registration change.


The TWSE has amended Articles 77, 77-2, 77-5 and 77-8 of the “Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation” and the “Operation Directions for Applications by Overseas Chinese, Foreign Nationals and Chinese Investors for Registration to Invest in Domestic Securities or Trade Domestic Futures” and its related tables. In order to be in line with the registration system schedule for foreign and Chinese investments, the rules will become effective starting March 12, 2020.

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