The Taiwan Monthly

Jun. 2020

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

Yonggu Group Inc. celebrated its listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on May 20, 2020

The Taiwan Stock Exchange was delighted to announce Yonggu Group Inc. open for trading on May 20, 2020. Since the foregoing company was newly listed after its initial public offering, there was no restriction on the price fluctuation for the first five trading days. The Taiwan Stock Exchange hosted a grand listing ceremony to welcome the IPO launcher under the stock code”5546”.


Yonggu, incorporated in the Cayman Islands and operating in China, produces and sells ready-mixed concrete, environmental-protected cement, aggregates of different proportions, pure clinker powder, finely ground fly-ash and slag. Its main customers are well-known Chinese construction companies, and have accomplished several well-known construction projects. 


For 2019, Yonggu’s consolidated revenue is NTD$ 6,122,936 thousand, net profit after tax attributable to owner is NTD$ 463,081  thousand and net profit after tax per share is NTD$7.14.


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