The Taiwan Monthly

Aug. 2020

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

The TWSE promotes English material information to build a bilingual capital market

In the interest of building a bilingual capital market in Taiwan and enable it to compete more effectively with other markets in the world, the TWSE requires listed companies to implement English material information in four stages. To help listed companies and make it easier to disclose material information in English, the TWSE has published the "Common Phrases and Templates for Material Information in English for TWSE-listed Companies". The document contains close to 1,000 frequently used English phrases in material information as well as more than 200 common examples of English information. The information is intended for users required to make or for those wishing to publish English material information voluntarily.


The TWSE amended the "TWSE Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Companies with Listed Securities" in January 2020. The amended rules for publishing bilingual material information will be implemented in four phases. All listed companies will be publishing material information in both Chinese and English at the same time by 2024. It will attract more international investors to track or be involved with TWSE listed companies, and make TWSE listed companies more visible in international markets in the process.


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