The Taiwan Monthly

Sep. 2020

Global Connection

Online Taiwan Investment Seminar held jointly by the TWSE and Goldman Sachs Securities received a warm response


The “Taiwan Virtual Corporate Day 2020” online Taiwan investment seminar jointly hosted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Goldman Sachs Securities was successfully completed on August 28. The four-day online seminar attracted institutional investors from Asia, Europe and the United States who engaged in 1-1 online meetings with Taiwan listed companies.


Global economies are shaken to the core from COVID-19 and capital markets around the world experienced unprecedented setbacks in the first half of 2020. However, the Taiwan stock market showed amazing resilience when confronted with the pandemic; many listed companies showed their creative synergy amid the crisis and this flexible momentum is attracting worldwide attention. With listing companies having recently issued their latest semi-annual reports, the opportunity to connect via online platforms has never had better timing. Institutional investors are keen to gather first-hand information and listed companies want to highlight their strength and innovation. This online seminar provided a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


During the seminar, the TWSE introduced the characteristics and strength of Taiwan's capital market to international institutional investors. The robust ecosystem of our securities market, including the good fundamentals, operational flexibility of listed companies, excellent corporate governance performance and stable cash dividends, all of which are the stabilizing forces supporting the Taiwan stock market. The Taiwan government responded quickly to COVID-19 and successfully prevented the spread of the pandemic; this, coupled with the timely adoption of contingency plans by the enterprises, and the resilient capital market, maintained the stability of Taiwan’s economy.


The TWSE has spared no effort in marketing Taiwan stocks and attracting foreign investment. Facing the challenge of COVID-19, maintaining communication with global institutional investors is of utmost importance. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the TWSE has been breaking through the pandemic control barriers through digital means to enable investors to continue online interaction with listed companies. In the future, the TWSE will consistently arrange roadshows to attract foreign investors, and use diversified tools to introduce the advantages and prospects of Taiwan's stocks. Attracting more capital into the Taiwan stock market and increasing momentum of economic growth is a requisite priority.


The videos of the presentation have been uploaded on the Webpro 3.0 website. Investors can watch the presentations at any time. Since the event is targeted at international institutional investors, all the sessions were conducted in English. The footage has uploaded to 'Webpro 3.0 > 隨選影片 > 投資臺灣InvestTW > TwCorpDay '.


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