The Taiwan Monthly

Sep. 2020

Global Connection

The TWSE and QIC jointly hold the “Taiwan CEO Week on Air” promoting the Taiwan capital market

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”), Quantum International Corp.(“QIC”) and Capital Securities Corp. jointly hosted the “Taiwan CEO Week on Air” online investment event from August 31 to September 4, together with TWSE and TPEx listed companies, promoting the Taiwan capital market.


The event has invited Taiwan outstanding listed companies from industries such as finance, electronics and traditional manufacturing to have one on one meetings with investors from August 31 to September 4. On September 2, the TWSE will deliver a keynote speech introducing the current status of the Taiwan capital market and the recent development in corporate governance, and Mr. Peter Kurz, Chief Strategy Officer of QIC, will present in “The Post-Covid Stimulus World”. Also, professionals of the Taiwan capital market will be invited to participate in a closed-door meeting on September 4, discussing “How Taiwan listed companies create shareholders’ values when the market value of the capital market has reached a record high in a volatile political and economic environment”.


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