The Taiwan Monthly

Oct. 2020

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

The "Business Outlook and IR Forum" and investor conferences cohosted by TWSE and Tainan Yitsai Association drew to a successful close

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Tainan Yitsai Association (TYA) cohosted the "Business Outlook and IR Forum" and investor conferences in Tainan on September 11. The "Business Outlook and IR Forum" took place in the morning, followed by investor conferences where ScinoPharm Taiwan, Tong Yang Group, Taya Group, and Nan Liu Enterprise presented financial results in the afternoon. TWSE and TYA worked together for the first time on this event in Tainan. It was attended by many TWSE listed companies' representatives and investors.


Mr. Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Vice President of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, spoke on the subject of "global and Taiwanese economies in the post-pandemic world" in the morning session. The speech gave a comprehensive analysis of the global and Taiwanese economies amid the pandemic as well as the political and economic situations between the United States and China. Mr. Wang highlighted the well established supply chain in Taiwan and opportunities in an integration of finance and industries.


Mr. Jonny Kuo, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Investor Relations Institute, followed and shared his experience in investor relations, including compliance principles, communication techniques, and corporate governance practices with TWSE listed company representatives. Mr. Nai-Wen Yu, Head of the Domestic Investment Division of the Bureau of Labor Funds, encouraged TWSE-listed companies to set up open channels for communicating with institutional investors. In addition to presenting information on the size and asset allocation of the Labor Funds, Mr. Yu urged TWSE-listed companies to increase transparency, and reiterated the issues followed by institutional investors, such as company vision, competitive strategies, corporate governance, and profits. He also urged companies to realize their true value through effective corporate governance by implementing shareholder activism and stewardship principles for institutional investors.


The investor conferences in the afternoon were held by Portia Lin, CSO of ScinoPharm Taiwan, San-Liang Huang, Director of Tong Yang Group, San-Yi Shen, President of Taya Group, and Jun-Ping Huang, Independent Director of Nan Liu Enterprise with their management teams in the respective order. The representatives presented their financial results, competitive advantages, and strategies for the future. Video recordings of the investor conferences are available to investors on WebPro 3.0 at anytime.


The Business Outlook and IR Forum and Investor Conferences drew to a successful close. The TWSE works constantly to connect TWSE-listed companies and investors and promote the advantages of Taiwan's capital market as needed. The TWSE will continue to organize regular themed investor conferences in the future. The TWSE also encourages TWSE-listed companies to hold institutional investor conferences to increase their visibility to investors and attract capital into the market and into the economy.