The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2020

Trading Policies

Foreign investors can easily get Taiwan’s IPO shares by using TWSE Securities Competitive Auction System(SCAS)

SCAS was launched in 2016, aimed to provide a fair and convenient vehicle to conduct the bidding for the IPO shares.


Investor interested in bidding for IPO shares have to get a trading account in securities company, and then log in SCAS to start the bidding process, while through the web link in TWSE homepage, or via the Trading APP of the securities brokers.


In any IPO case, the bidding starts from T- 4 day to T-2 day (T stands for bid opening), and the bidding collateral (30%~60% of the bidding value) and processing fee (NTD$400) have to be deposited in the bank designated by the securities broker on T-2. Investors winning the bid have to deposit the remaining bidding value as well as the underwriting handling fee on T+2. The IPO shares will be credited to TDCC accounts of the bid winners on T+10. The bid winning prices are determined by using the method of multiple price auction.


Since launching, the SCAS has processed 26 IPO cases in 2016, 37 in 2017, 60 in 2018 and 36 in 2019.


Foreign institutional and individual investors are heartily welcomed to bid for IPO shares through TWSE’s SCAS. It is unique around the world and will certainly provide fresh experience to you. English version of SCAS is readily available for you in the TWSE url:


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