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Dec. 2020

Trading Policies

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Ø It’s true; your eyes are focused.

Ø In a nutshell, foreign dealers who own the bidding securities are allowed to lend securities through competitive bid initiated by a securities finance company.

Ø The profit potential is 7% (the most, of the previous closing price of that security). Securities can be lent for one business day and can be sold on the same day, except disposition securities.





Ø A shortfall occurs in a security due to a securities finance company's operation of margin purchase and short sale business, securities lending business and refinancing business,or,

Ø The securities finance company is engaged by a securities firm to handle on its behalf any open position that still remains after Sell-First-Buy-Later day trading.

Ø According to the regulation, the securities finance company shall initiate a competitive bid of a security as of 9 am on the next business day.

Ø For details, the link URL is as follows: wID=FL007044&ModifyDate=1080926 )

Daily information for securities borrowed through competitive bid initiated by securities finance company can be found on:

( BFIB8U.html)






Ø Foreign dealers located in Taiwan whose account numbers digits(XXXX-998000-0) can lend securities    through competitive bid initiated by a securities finance company.



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