The Taiwan Monthly

Feb. 2021

Global Connection

Participants worldwide gave positive feedback to the first 2021 investment event, co-hosted by the TWSE and Masterlink Securities

The “GREAT RESET-New Industry Landscape after COVID 19” Taiwan investment event drew to a successful close on January 20. It is the very first time to combine physical and online meetings in one event, successfully attracting numerous domestic and Asian institutional investors to have 25 one-on-one meetings and one lunch keynote speech with 19 listed companies.


During the event, the TWSE demonstrated the exceptional performance of the Taiwan capital market in 2020 and introduced the CG development blueprint hereafter. Rebecca Chen, Senior Executive Vice President of the TWSE, mentioned that the sturdy control of the pandemic facilitated our stock market to have a spectacular performance. Also, the TWSE started continuous trading and intraday odd lot trading as previously planned. Furthermore, Taiwan was ranked 4th in the “CG Watch 2020”, which is the highest standing ever achieved since 2003, and has accounted for the largest weighting in both the “Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index” and “FTSE4Good Emerging Indexes”.


A keynote speech delivered by the TWSE focuses on introducing the latest Taiwan CG developments to institutional investors, covering topics of introducing the “Corporate Governance 3.0-Sustainable Development Roadmap” published on August 25, 2020, methods in fortifying the market transparency and credibility, in addition to ESG promotion among listed companies.


In confronting the challenges brought by COVID-19, the TWSE values continuous communication with global institutional investors. The new format in integrating physical and online meetings has successfully increased the interaction between listed companies and investors. In the next step, the TWSE will continually arrange investment events and introduce various aspects of strongly performing listed companies to fuel the economic growth.


The TWSE keynote speech video was conducted in English and will be uploaded on the Webpro 3.0 website. Investors can review the presentations by going to the Webpro 3.0 website ( and clicking on buttons on the left per the following order ”Webpro 3.0 > 隨選影片 > 投資臺灣InvestTW > GreatReset”, or may just click the following link:


Rebecca Chen (Senior Executive Vice President of the TWSE, third from the left) and Johnny Lee (President of MasterLink Securities, third from the right) teamed up to hold the “GREAT RESET-New Industry Landscape after COVID 19” Taiwan investment event. From left to right: Dr. Chien-Hung Chen (Vice President of Corporate Communications Department, TWSE), Shin-chung Chen (Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Department, TWSE),  Rebecca Chen (Senior Executive Vice President of the TWSE), Johnny Lee (President of MasterLink Securities), Fred Chang (Vice President of Intergrated Channels Headquarters, MasterLink Securities), Wen Sheng Zhen (President of MasterLink Securities Investment Advisory Corporation).


The event drew attention from a great number of attendees representing various institutional investors.


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