The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2021

Global Connection

TWSE held the first 2021 investment event, following the FSC’s Capital Market Roadmap

The “GREAT RESET-New Industry Landscape after COVID 19” Taiwan investment event drew to a successful close on January 20. This event, co-hosted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange (the “TWSE”) and Masterlink Securities, marked the first time that physical and online meetings combined in one event, successfully attracting numerous domestic and overseas institutional investors.


The TWSE has established a comprehensive platform and mechanism for information disclosure to serve investors from different sides. For domestic investors, it includes the Market Observation Post System (“MOPS”) and a video channel Webpro 3.0. The TWSE also requires listed companies to hold at least one investor conference every year. Last year, there were more than two thousand investor conferences dedicated to the needs of domestic investors.


As a highly internationalized market, the Taiwan stock market has drawn notewothy attention of foreign institutional investors, with foreign shareholding climbing from 16% in 2000, to 45% in 2020. With international travel restricted and all large-scale events cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the holding of investment events was once impeded. For investors located overseas, the chance of contacting listed companies in Taiwan became even smaller. To serve those overseas investors, the TWSE responded quickly, communicated with the partners one by one, and explored all possibilities time after time. In April last year, the TWSE, with QIC and Capital Securities, held an online investment event for the first time, creating a new paradigm. The successful practices were replicated to the follow-up four investment events, with SinoPac Seucirites, Masterlink Securities, Goldman Sachs and QIC again. Over the five events of last year, a total of 144 listed companies met with over one thousand investors around the world, enabling listed companies to directly reach financial centers such Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London, and New York.


The TWSE also cooperated with a custodian bank and international financial media to hold online forums, to access a broader investor base. In addition to investment events, the TWSE’s global connection continues uninterrupted by participating international conferences, such as WFE and IOSCO. The TWSE has met with CEOs of stock exchanges from Japan, Korea and Singapore, opened a dialogue with Israeli Securities Authority and even hosted a group meeting with seven Mongolian securities market organizations.


Looking ahead to this year, as pandemic surges unabated, the TWSE will keep advancing the pace of global connection. With a foundation laid throughout last year, the TWSE will roll out a series of investment events this year, which resonate with the strategy of “Attract domestic and foreign investment and improve international visibility” in the FSC’s Taiwan Capital Roadmap.


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