The Taiwan Monthly

Apr. 2021

Corporate Governance

2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation Educational Sessions available on the TWSE WebPro website

The Taiwan Stock Exchange conducted the online educational sessions of the 2021 corporate governance evaluation from February 25 to March 12, 2021. The sessions included three topics, including introduction of corporate governance evaluation, introduction of relevant regulations of corporate governance, and ESG disclosure trends, with an aim to assist listed companies to implement corporate governance and enhance the sustainable development of enterprises.


The revisions to the “2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation” are made with reference to the trends of local and foreign corporate governance development, latest amendments to the statutes and policies to continuingly enhance the evaluation standards. Three indicators were deleted, nine revised, and seven indicators types have been adjusted to promote corporate governance excellence among all companies. The educational sessions explained the main revisions of the evaluation indicators, and scoring guidelines through examples. The educational sessions also provided specific topics regarding the recent modifications to the regulations of corporate governance and the ESG disclosure trends, explaining the key points of the recent revision of regulations, the important contents of the competent authority's "Corporate Governance 3.0 - Sustainable Development Roadmap (2021-2023)", and the international non-financial information disclosure trend. Our goal is to assist listed companies to understand the contents and prepare in advance.


Since the implementation of the corporate governance evaluation from 2014, the evaluation indicators, scoring methods and evaluation results have been increasingly valued by listed companies. Holding educational sessions online through the TWSE WebPro Website offers more flexibility for listed companies.


All listed companies were invited to watch the videos on or by visiting the TWSE WebPro website and choosing “Corporate Governance.” For the course handouts, please visit the website of the Corporate Governance Center ( to download.


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