The Taiwan Monthly

Apr. 2021

Trading Policies

TWSE to establish a paperless environment for FINI/FIDI registration and cancellation

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) has established a paperless environment between TWSE and local custodian banks for FINI/FIDI registration from April 1, 2021.


This ecofriendly registration is a visionary policy of the “Capital Market Roadmap” by the Financial Supervisory Commission (“FSC”). To echo the FSC’s ESG policy and protect the environment, the TWSE amended the application of the rules “Operation Directions for Applications by Overseas Chinese, Foreign Nationals, and Mainland Area Investors for Registration to Invest in Domestic Securities or Trade Domestic Futures.” Local custodian banks could:

  1. deliver FINI/FIDI registration documents to the TWSE by electronic means.
  2. send FINI/FIDI cancellation documents to the TWSE by email.


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