The Taiwan Monthly

Jun. 2021

Global Connection

With introducing the Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB), the TWSE cooperates with SinoPac Securities to advance the Taiwan capital market

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) and SinoPac Securities (“SinoPac”) jointly held the “2021 SinoPac & TWSE Online Conference” from May 3 to 7. It is the first European investor focused investment event this year. During the event, the TWSE delivered “New Listing Business on TWSE” to introduce the Taiwan capital market’s outstanding performance during the pandemic and the Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB), which is aimed to be launched in Q3.


Taiwan’s equity market is multi-layered and fully functioning to support both the blue-chips and SMEs. In order to further help innovative companies raise funds and expand their operational scale, the TWSE plans to launch the TIB.


TIB is aiming to boost innovative industries including IoT, AI and big data. Considering innovative startups usually have limited capital or incurring losses, TIB applies market-cap thresholds as listing requirements rather than paid-in capital. Revenue and earning requirements are also eased. Given the future uncertainty and possible volatility of TIB stock price, investors of TIB stocks are limited to qualified institutional investors, retail investors with higher asset/income or venture capitals based on their higher risk tolerance.


In addition to the presentation of TIB, the event included online group meetings presented by six TWSE-listed companies, and two other presentations regarding the Taiwan ESG development and Taiwan international relations, politics and the economy. Videos of all presentations, including those made by the listed companies, will be uploaded on the Webpro 3.0 website after the event. Investors can obtain all event information through the link below.


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