The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2021

Global Connection

The TWSE joined the APEC FRTI webinar to diagram Taiwan’s market strength and expertise

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (the “TWSE”) joined the “2021 APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative ('FRTI')” on Jun 2 and 4 to share Taiwan’s market development experience with over 150 financial regulators representing various jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region.


The APEC FRTI was established in 1998 to strengthen financial supervision and regulation in the region by enhancing the analytical and technical capacity of bank supervisors and securities regulators. This year, the APEC FRTI’s “Regional Webinar on Cross Border Listing and New Financial Products” was co-hosted by the Asian Development Bank ("ADB") and the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia ("SERC"), and entirely presented by the Taiwan Stock Exchange. 


As Ms. Rebecca CHEN, TWSE Senior Executive Vice President, stated in the opening remarks, “We have long shared APEC and ADB values of inclusion, sustainability and regional collaboration. The TWSE proactively works with global market operators to enhance frequent communication and forge deeper partnerships.”


In the two-day webinar, the TWSE covered the market overview, the TDR and ETF markets, from product development plus trading mechanisms to market surveillance. Over the five presentations, the TWSE unfolded the regulatory structure and measures in the market, as well as the inclusive product types and the corresponding supervisory tools.


The presentations were followed by the Q&A session moderated by Mr. Satoru Yamadera, representative from the Asian Development Bank and Mr. Shin-Chung Chen, TWSE Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Department.


As Mr. Shin-Chung Chen concluded, “This year the TWSE celebrates our 60-year anniversary. These six decades have shown us that collaboration and partnership are the best ways to overcome challenges and share expertise with peers. The TWSE is delighted to be with the regulators and market operators in the Asia Pacific region. The Exchange also welcomes further communication and feedback from the global community.”


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