The Taiwan Monthly

Sep. 2021

Global Connection

Join us to connect with Taiwan’s industry champions

If you haven’t been able to join the last five Taiwan investment forums hosted by the TWSE this year, here are the last two chances in 2021. Make sure to reserve for the limited places.


As TWSE domestic-listed companies just reported an impressive 126.4% increase in the total net profits for the first half of 2021, the TWSE will take the opportunity to collaborate with Yuanta Securities and the QIC separately to showcase the investment value of the Taiwan stock market this coming September.


The “Taiwan Market Seoul On-line Conference”, the first investment forum co-hosted by the TWSE and Yuanta Securities, will take place online on Sept 14 to 15. The event will bring together a group of Taiwan ICT and semiconductor companies to discuss their business prospects with fund managers mainly based in South Korea. The TWSE will also invite an expert from the consulting agency to present on the topic “Outlook for the Taiwanese ICT Industry after COVID-19.”


The TWSE and QIC co-organized event, the “10th Taiwan CEO Week on Air”, from Sept 27 to Oct 15, caters to global investors who are looking for the champions in IT/financial/medical/retail industries and innovative start-ups. The three-week-long virtual conference also features a panel of start-up leaders and the TWSE team to discuss how qualified investors could access the growing companies through the newly-launched Taiwan Innovation Board.


The TWSE envisages such investment events as a platform for global institutional investors to create multiple conversations with Taiwan-listed companies, as well as an opportunity for the Exchange itself to foster interaction with key stakeholders in the global investing community.


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