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May 2022

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

The TWSE launched ezSearch on April 28

To meet the needs of different inquiries of investors, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (the “TWSE”) launched the brand new company disclosure website, ezSearch, on April 28.


The website provides an easier and faster way for investors to search for announcements made by TWSE-listed companies. The new website, ezSearch, is designed to provide a fresh, quick and global search interface. It supports multiple criteria search menus, so that investors will be able to search by company, market, announcement, data range and other criteria at the same time.


The TWSE observed the information most followed and used by investors and considered the scope of bilingual services to select the items before introducing ezSearch. Investors can access the website from the TWSE website or the MOPS website. Investors are able to search by using the menu or entering keywords. The website displays announcements made by TWSE-listed companies in chronological order. The new website provides easy, intuitive and rapid searching. It is also made more user friendly by allowing users to easily switch to English and browse announcements made in English.


Even as the TWSE launches ezSearch, MOPS remains the official website where TWSE-listed companies are to file their disclosures as required by law. ezSearch provides only information followed by more investors and information in English. Users who wish to search for information not provided by ezSearch can still visit MOPS.


The TWSE posted a video on its Facebook page on the launch day and showed how to browse and search on ezSearch. Interested investors are welcome to visit the TWSE Facebook page and watch the video added on April 28.


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