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Jul. 2024

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HSBC × TWSE Taiwan Conference 2024 concludes successfully, highlighting Taiwan's capital market potential and AI opportunities

The "HSBC × TWSE Taiwan Conference 2024" successfully concluded on June 4. Over two days, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) hosted a series of keynote speeches, introducing the potential and prospects of Taiwan's capital market, exploring the opportunities, transformations, and challenges presented by the AI wave to foreign institutional investors. The event received high praise from the attendees.


The lunch seminar on June 4 focused on AI and attracted over a hundred foreign institutional investors, was moderated by Mr. Edison Hsia, an analyst from HSBC. The aim of this seminar was to give institutional investors a deeper understanding of the opportunities and developments in Taiwan's industries amidst the current AI boom.


TWSE President Lih-Chung Chien began the event with a speech, noting, "Taiwan has firmly established itself as a key player in cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the ICT sector. Recent AI technology advances have led to increased demand for high-end chips and servers across many industries. The Taiwan stock market has contributed to, and shared in, the benefits of the global AI and semiconductor industries boom."


Adam Chen, President & Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Taiwan Bank, stated: "The world is currently entering an era empowered by AI, with Taiwan poised to be one of the most critical markets in its development. External research reports also indicate that by 2022, Taiwan held a 99% market share in the AI server foundry industry globally. HSBC is committed to continuously supporting Taiwanese enterprises by leveraging AI big data, supply chain finance, and digital services, thereby enhancing overall industry competitiveness and increasing Taiwan's attractiveness to foreign investment."


Following this, TWSE Senior Vice President Shin-Chung Chen, of the Corporate Communications Department, discussed the potential and prospects of Taiwan's capital market, particularly highlighting the key roles Taiwanese listed companies play in the upstream and midstream of the AI industry chain. Lastly, TrendForce analyst Frank Kung delivered a keynote speech on the trends and challenges of the AI industry's transformation, followed by a fireside chat with Neuchips CEO Ken Lau.


The June 3rd theme focused on the sustainable development, trading, and regulatory reforms of Taiwan's capital market. Representatives from the Securities and Futures Bureau and TWSE delivered three presentations, aiming to provide institutional investors with direct insights into the latest developments and future plans of Taiwan's capital market, while also gathering investor feedback. The event attracted over fifty foreign institutional investors.


In her opening remarks, TWSE Senior Executive Vice President Rebecca Chen emphasized, "The TWSE has an ESG investment-friendly environment, enabling investors to align their strategies with ethical values and contribute to a vibrant future that integrates finance, enterprise, and sustainability. With the ESG digital platform launched, augmenting transparency in sustainable data disclosure for listed companies and aiding the capital market's transition towards net-zero sustainability."


The first keynote was presented by Joey Cheng, Deputy Director of the Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission, titled "2024 Regulatory Reform of Taiwan Capital Market." He outlined various reforms aimed at enhancing the entry of foreign investors into Taiwan's capital market, augmenting market transparency, investor protection, and new product regulations, as well as policies addressing climate change and strengthening sustainable development.


Following this, representatives from the TWSE Corporate Governance and the Trading Departments delivered presentations. They introduced TWSE's commitment to developing sustainable development action plans and the eight major strategies of the ESG ecosystem, providing comprehensive support for corporate information disclosure. The TWSE has also introduced numerous foreign investor-friendly policies and is building a sustainable and resilient capital market through product diversification and digital innovation.


The TWSE remarked that the "HSBC × TWSE Taiwan Conference 2024" is the first major event aimed at attracting foreign investment held in Taiwan since the Post-COVID era. This follows European and Asian investment events in March and the Taiwan-Singapore capital market joint promotions in April and May.


Looking ahead, with continuing to enhance communication between listed companies and investors, promoting Taiwan's capital market through diversified methods, both physical and online, the TWSE is committed to creating a friendly investment environment for international institutional investors, attracting capital to drive economic development.


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Group photo of  TWSE President Lih-Chung Chien (left 4), President & Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Taiwan Bank Adam Chen (right 4), and keyspeakers of June 4 luncheon

Group photo of Deputy Director of the Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission Joey Cheng (right2), TWSE Senior Executive Vice President Rebecca Chen and keyspeakers of June 3 luncheon