The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2024


The Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange jointly organized the “Net Zero Carbon Reduction and Sustainable Finance" forum with National Chengchi University

The Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange and the Financial Technology Research Center, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University jointly organized the “Towards a New Era of Net Zero Carbon Reduction and Sustainable Finance in Taiwan” forum, and invited representatives from the domestic industry, government and academia on May 30 to share corporate carbon risk and ESG carbon reduction management policies, as well as opportunities for the development of sustainable finance and the carbon trading market. The challenges and opportunities of Taiwan’s net zero carbon reduction and digital dual axis transformation were analyzed through a roundtable discussion at the forum. The event was a complete success, and attracted over 200 industry professionals to participate and exchange ideas.


In his speech, Lih-chung Chien, President of the TWSE, stated that as an important platform for the capital market, the TWSE continues complying with the regulatory authorities to promote sustainable development policies for enterprises, and actively integrates resources from participating partners in the capital market to jointly build an ESG ecosystem. Through the promotion strategy of “the big leads the small” and policy advocacy, the TWSE assists various industries in actively facing the opportunities and challenges of “net zero carbon reduction.” The TWSE will also continue promoting the dual axis transformation of “digital x sustainability” to enhance the international competitiveness of the capital market.


Li-Ling Wang, Chairperson of the Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Association, mentioned that through discussions among the industry, government and academia, as well as the rooting in education, the academy will continue aligning with international norms and cultivate sustainable talents, with the goal that the financial industry will take the lead in assisting enterprises in achieving net zero sustainability and digital transformation goals, and help enterprises develop low-cost carbon reduction strategies through the power of the financial market.


In the era of carbon emission having a price, the demand for carbon risk management by enterprises continues to increase, and how to achieve carbon neutrality through carbon emission reduction, carbon credit trading, or the use of digital technology to accelerate net zero transformation is a topic of continuous concern for all sectors. The TWSE stated that it would continue planning courses on sustainable finance, carbon management and carbon credit trading, plus digital technology and sustainability transformation to assist industries in cultivating more ESG professionals. In the second half of the year, the TWSE will further work with National Chengchi University to launch a second forum, and invite heavyweight lecturers from the industry, government and academia to share their experience and trend observation in net zero carbon reduction and sustainable finance, in order to jointly move towards the goal of net zero transformation by 2050.


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