The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2024

Important Announcement

Investment InfoHub 2.0: Enhanced comparison features and rich investment information

Since its launch in July last year, the Investment InfoHub of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) has effectively provided investors with integrated investment information. With visualized analysis reports and one-click bilingual switching, it has become a one-stop information platform offering valuable insights for both domestic and international investors. Following its launch, the TWSE has continuously gathered user feedback and compiled necessary data, leading to the release of Investment InfoHub 2.0 on June 28. (  The key features of this upgrade are as follows:


New Interface and Visualized Analytical Tools


Unlike the one-page integrated report layout of version 1.0, the new version recognizes the increasing use of mobile devices over computers for accessing investment information. This upgrade simplifies the steps for investors to find the required information by changing the integrated report page to a tabbed layout. Investors can now find all necessary information with a one-click step. The main interface design retains the four major tabs: "Market," "Company," "Analysis," and "Announcements and Services."


Furthermore, this upgrade has optimized various visualized analytical tools, providing a more mobile-friendly environment and graphic design. Specifically, in terms of pattern selection and color arrangement, it offers investors a more intuitive visual experience.


Enhanced Information Comparison Functionality


The highlight of this upgrade is the enhanced information comparison functionality. Unlike version 1.0, which only provided rankings for trading volumes, margin trading, and top transactions, this version has expanded to include eight categories of comparative analysis information, offering top ten rankings and customized stock comparison features. Investors can freely select two to ten companies for comparison and retain their selected companies across the eight categories, simplifying the re-selection process.


Rich Trading, Statistical, and Surveillance Information


Prior to this upgrade, the TWSE considered investor suggestions and added new sections for day trading, market statistical information, Disposition & Attention Securities, and Key Financial and Transaction Information Section, enriching the financial and comparative analysis information. This aims to meet investors' needs for comprehensive investment information, enhancing the functionality of the one-stop information platform.


As an essential platform for fostering a friendly investment environment and enhancing information disclosure, the Investment InfoHub 2.0 upgrade offers a better user experience. Looking ahead, the TWSE will continue to collect user feedback and make improvements to meet investors' needs.