The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2024

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

If listed companies occur a material cybersecurity event, it should promptly issue material information in accordance with regulation

In recent years, the frequency of information and communication technology security incidents has been increasing. In order to ensure that listed companies fully disclose significant cybersecurity events and safeguard the rights of investors to know, the TWSE has revised the FAQ on Material Information URL, clearly defining the standard for the "significance" of cybersecurity events. It reiterates that when listed companies occur cybersecurity incidents, they should evaluate the scope of the damage or impact in accordance with the provisions of the FAQ on Material Information, and promptly issue material information in accordance with the relevant procedures, to facilitate investors' understanding of the full picture of the events and their impact on the company's finances and operations.


Due to the increasingly severe cybersecurity threats, listed companies should continuously enhance their cybersecurity protection levels. The TWSE has provided guidelines for information and communication security management for reference by listed companies(URL:, and promoted measures such as establishing cybersecurity personnel and resources and joining cybersecurity information sharing organizations like TWCERT/CC. At the same time, it strengthens the audit of internal control systems related to cybersecurity incidents, aiming to enhance the cybersecurity protection of listed companies and improve their own defense capabilities against cybersecurity threats.


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