The Taiwan Monthly

Jul. 2024

Index Announcement

New products are launched on TWSE Data E-Shop Taiwan Index (TIP) data product section

TIP has launched the index data of the following indices on the Data E-shop –“Taiwan Index (TIP) Data Service”

(1)      TIP Customized Taiwan Multi-factor High Dividend 30 Index

(2)      TIP Customized Taiwan High Dividend Recovery 30 Index

(3)      TIP Customized Taiwan Growth and High Dividend Index

(4)      TIP Customized Taiwan High Dividend and Momentum Index

(5)      TIP Taiwan Value High Dividend Index

These yield-focused indices were all used to issue ETFs, and the sum of AUM size of those ETFs are more than TWD$ 10 billion.  To launch data products derived from these 5 indices on the TIP Data Service provide a convenient channel for data users to subscribe index data, allowing them to utilize data as the reference tool for investment research and etc. For detailed information please visit here.


The TWSE Data E-Shop provides a variety of the index and market data products, offering an one-stop shopping and user-friendly interface advantages for users looking for Taiwan market data. Based on the demand from the members of the Data E-Shop, TIP newly adds five index data products in this month to meet the users’ needs.


The “Taiwan Index (TIP) Data Service” has launched 19 indices, 86 data products on the Data E-shop since its inception. The data products provide functional information include constituents list, weights, corporate action and periodic review data (Technical Notice). The End of Day index data is the main information we provide this time.


TIP will continue to collect feedback from users, and consistently improve index data service and its content in order to promptly meet clients’ demand with efficient, high-quality, and agile services to maximize the value of data applications. Users who require customized data service can directly contact TIP via the "Customized Service Application" function or directly email  .