The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2017

Global Connection

Taiwan Stock Exchange Promotes its market to Investors in Asian financial hubs

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and JP Morgan jointly held a “Taiwan Corporate Day” in Hong Kong from November 13 to 14.  Led by TWSE President Chi-Hsien Lee, a total of 19 strong-performing companies from Taiwan participated in the event.  The TWSE used the forum opportunity to share the current developments of Taiwan’s capital market with Hong Kong investment agencies.


In recent years, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation has been committed to improving the capital market services for listed companies and global investors. During the “Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Asia”, an international investor event held by JP Morgan since 2013, the TWSE used this opportunity to further collaborate with JP Morgan to enhance global institutional investor knowledge of Taiwanese listed technology companies, while enabling  those Taiwanese companies attending the conference to have greater market exposure.


Due to continued strong economic indices, the TWSE has continued to attract more foreign investment, with foreign ownership already accounting for 42.51% of the total market share as of October, and the total value of foreign shareholding rising to NT$13.64 trillion dollars. The value of the TAIEX in particular has risen steadily to over 10,000 since May.  The strong performance of the stock market also indicates the excellent overall operating results of Taiwanese listed companies, which are favored by investors both at home and abroad.


The TWSE will continue to conduct further overseas investment activities, and attract cross-border flow of capital resources to Taiwan’s market. It remains committed to system convergence with international standards, and to enhancing global investor knowledge of Taiwan listed companies across a wide range of industries. This will increase market synergy and activity. After this event in Hong Kong, the TWSE will host the next “Taiwan Corporate Day” with Daiwa Securities in Tokyo from December 7 to 8.