The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2017

Global Connection

TWSE upgrading services in Japanese to attract Japanese investors

The TWSE is dedicated to providing better website service for global investors to access the latest information about Taiwan's stock market. An enhanced Japanese version of the TWSE website was launched on October 26. The goal is to augment service to Japanese investors as their investment in listed companies has risen sharply in recent years. 


According to TWSE statistics, total Japanese investment in Taiwan rose dramatically from NT$106.8 billion to NT$296.7 billion between 2014 and June 30, 2017. Meanwhile, the percentage of Japanese investment in exchange listed stocks out of total foreign investment rose from 1.36% to 2.59%. The 90% growth reflects TWSE's success in attracting more Japanese investors to Taiwan.


The TWSE website is one of the few Asian exchange websites that is available in Japanese. There will be more information provided on the website in Japanese, including index charts and statistics, information on listed companies, long/short positions held by three major institutional trader groups, margin trades, short sales, balance of borrowed securities, stock rankings, and trading summaries. By making it easier for Japanese investors to access Taiwan's stock market data, the TWSE can attract additional Japanese investment. Please see this link ( ) for further details.