The Taiwan Monthly

Jan. 2018

Trading Policies

Procedure for Registration and Account Opening

In Taiwan, foreign investors are required to register with the TWSE so as to obtain an "Investor ID" before opening a trading account with a local securities firm. TWSE has simplified this registration process and related documentation in 2007.

Offshore overseas Chinese and foreign investors should appoint a domestic agent representative (custodian bank) to apply to TWSE for registration. Using online registration, the agent bank for a foreign investor can receive a copy of the notice of registration completion with an "Investor ID" by email in a day. Since August 2007, TWSE issues the "Tax ID" simultaneously with the completion notice.

Only after registration, the domestic agent representative, with related documents, shall apply to the securities brokerage firm for account opening and securities trading.

For more information regarding the registration process and required documentation, please see the website: