The Taiwan Monthly

Feb. 2018

Global Connection

TWSE Robust Fundamentals continue in 2017 and Beyond

Taiwan's stock market has a strong foreign presence, with a market cap of more than 40% held by overseas investors. To show the competitive advantages of Taiwan’s capital market and attract foreign investment, the Taiwan Stock Exchange has been committed to promoting international links by participating in international securities-related organizations, cooperating with other exchanges, and strengthening connections with the global community.


The TWSE is an active member in many global bodies and regularly attends conferences held by the WFE, IOSCO and AOSEF. Through interaction with other major exchanges or serving in key positions in global organizations, this participation enhances our positioning. 


Furthermore, the TWSE is currently developing business opportunities with Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the United States. Last year, the TWSE signed a MOU with NASDAQ, a milestone which paves the way for closer cooperation in expanding ETF markets for both sides. Additionally, the TWSE and KRX launched the Korea/Taiwan IT Premier index, a cross-border stock index comprised of blue-chip technology shares. This type of index and diverse collaboration gives investors in our market even greater opportunities to see the potential offerings.


With many top-notch companies doing their IPOs in Taiwan, the TWSE has been taking a proactive approach in recent years to engage with foreign investors and institutions. Last year, the TWSE worked with many   securities firms to host roadshows in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. The TWSE utilized these opportunities to introduce more of Taiwan’s profitable listed companies to institutional investors.


Foreign investors continue to show strong interest in Taiwan’s shares because of our robust fundamentals which have produced superior dividend yields for some years now. International links enhance our ability to be competitive and on the cutting-edge of exchange-related events and activities. As  the TWSE engages in growth, the trend for 2018 and beyond is an augmented market.


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