The Taiwan Monthly

Feb. 2018

Market & ETP Overview

TWSE to Launch Exchange Traded Notes (ETN) in 2018

The Taiwan Stock Exchange has submitted the draft listing and trading rules/regulations related to ETNs to the Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB) for approval on December 29, 2017. Once the rules/regulations approved and announced by the SFB, and the computer systems of the Taiwan Stock Exchange and ETN issuers (Securities firms) are ready, the TWSE will accept the listing application of ETNs.


ETNs are beneficial certificates that have a specific duration, tracking the performance of an index, and are traded on the stock exchange. The ETN issuer does not actually hold underlying assets like the ETF issuers, while promising to provide investors with the index return completely subject to the issuers’ credit.


The listing of ETNs will give an impulse to the diversification of tradable products on the Taiwan stock market, meeting the needs of local securities firms to expand their commercial opportunities.



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