The Taiwan Monthly

Mar. 2018

Global Connection

The TWSE to attract individual investors in Japan

From March 16 to 17 the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) will be in Yokohama to participate in the "IR Festa 2018 event organized by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), a subsidiary of the Japan Exchange Group (JPX).


The IR Festa's activities are organized by the TSE to assist Japanese listed companies in promoting relationships with investors. The event has been held annually since 2007 (in 2016, because of site factors, the event was suspended). TSE listed companies, securities investment trust, investment and stock market related institutions, plus 80 enterprises will attend the event. 18,000 people are estimated to be at the 2-day exhibition, joining the biggest event of the Japan capital market. In 2015 the TWSE was the first non-Japanese corporation to join the exhibition, attracting a large number of investors to learn about the advantages of investing in Taiwan's capital market. This is the third time that the TWSE joins this event.


Following the first Japanese ETF listed on the TWSE in September 2015 and the TAIEX futures listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange (OSE) in July 2016, the TWSE has had continued discussion with JPX about ongoing and future cooperation possibilities. By the end of 2017, the proportion of Japanese funded foreign investments has also increased from 1.6% in 2010 to 2.6%. This year in Yokohama, the goal is to engage individual investors and enhance their knowledge of Taiwan’s capital market and its benefits plus discuss investment channels and attract investment from Japan to our Market. On March 17, a 45-minute briefing will be held at 1:35 p.m. to introduce Taiwan's economy and first-class enterprises. The video of this briefing will be then uploaded on the IR Festa official website for investors to consult, and later it will also be available on the TWSE’s official Japanese website.


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