The Taiwan Monthly

Jun. 2018

Corporate Governance

The TWSE host New Corporate Governance Roadmap Summit and marked the beginning of Corporate Governance 2.0

On April 24, 2018, the Financial Supervisory Commission launched the New Corporate Governance Roadmap (2018-2020), which heralded the beginning of Corporate Governance 2.0 in Taiwan's capital markets. To offer an analysis of the latest trends and applications in corporate governance, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) teamed up to host the New Corporate Governance Roadmap Summit, which took place at the Taipei International Convention Center on May 8, 2018. FSC Chairman Wellington L. Koo was invited to speak at the event, and Acer Founder and Honorary Chairman Stan Shih gave a keynote speech. The TWSE Corporate Governance Center presented an introduction to the key points in the New 2.0 corporate governance roadmap.
Corporate governance is crucial to globalization and the key to sustainable development. The challenges of globalization are making it increasingly vital for companies to develop sound corporate governance practices, implement transparent and reliable information disclosure mechanisms. This strikes a balance in the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, and stakeholders, respect the rights of small shareholders, adopt the concept of open communication between shareholders and management, and strengthen compliance with applicable laws and regulations, all of which in turn will ensure the success of sustainability related concepts and measures.
Furthermore, a constantly changing environment demands that the board of directors and independent directors play a more active role in their oversight and advisory capacities so to resolve potential strategic issues to be faced by a company in its business activities. The summit guest list includes Professor Louis Chen of the Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property of National Taipei University of Technology, Chairman Dennis Chen of WIN Semiconductors, President Chang-Ken Lee of Cathay Financial Holdings, Independent Director Benson Liu of VIS, and Independent Director Albert Hsueh of Lite-On Technology. In addition to sharing ways for business managers to adapt to a changing environment and modify corporate governance strategies while meeting challenges of globalization, the guests discussed the role of an independent director, and ways for a company to provide support in order to enable its independent directors to make a greater contribution to the company.
The TWSE wishes to take the opportunity offered by the summit to explore corporate governance and sustainability practices in Taiwan's capital markets in order to accelerate implementation of international corporate governance standards in Taiwanese companies, facilitate development in Taiwan's capital markets, achieve sustainability while enhancing economy, the environment, and the society, and enhance corporate synergy and create sustainable competitive advantages.


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