The Taiwan Monthly

Oct. 2019

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

DingZing Advanced Materials Inc. has submitted its application for listing on the TWSE on September 3, 2019

DingZing Advanced Materials Inc. (code: 6585) has submitted its application for listing in the TWSE on September 3, 2019. A total of 10 domestic companies have submitted listing applications this year as of September 3.


The following is a summary from the prospectus of DingZing Advanced Materials Inc.:


  1. Company representative: Hsun-Tai Lin
  2. Company address: No. 8-1, Beilin Rd., Xiaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City 812, Taiwan
  3. Paid-up capital(in thousands): NTD 615,480
  4. Main products: High performance thermoplastic polyurethane
  5. 2018 annual profit before tax amount(in thousands): NTD 100,791
  6. 2018 annual after-tax earnings per share: NTD 1.32


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