The Taiwan Monthly

Oct. 2019

Global Connection

TWSE and Credit Suisse cohost Technology Conference again to attract foreign investors

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Credit Suisse present the 20th Credit Suisse Asian Technology Conference in Taipei on September 4-6. This is the 11th time the two organizers have worked together since 2009. The event is attended by close to 350 institutional investors and leaders from 110 companies, including 79 Taiwan-listed companies. The conference is a major annual event for tech firms in Asia Pacific and international investors. It is a venue for listed companies and investors to meet and exchange views. It also provides an opportunity to showcase top-notch Taiwan companies to the world.


TWSE President Lih-chung Chien said at the event that Taiwan-listed companies have robust fundamentals. Despite the U.S.-China trade dispute, the total revenue for TWSE listed companies between January and July 2019 still reached NT$17.9 trillion, which was a 1.33% YOY growth. The expected cash dividends to be paid by TWSE listed companies in total this year amount to NT$1.3 trillion. This is another historic high and the fourth consecutive year to exceed the NT$1 trillion threshold.


Mr. Chien went on to say that we continue to develop a friendly investment environment to global investors. New policies to be implemented this year include: No Saturday trading to align with global practice; listed companies that meet specific conditions are required to submit an English version of their shareholder meeting handbook, annual report and annual financial report; all listed companies are required to file financial statements in Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL) format.


It has been the policy of TWSE to "grow locally and expand globally" in recent years. TWSE is always working to attract investors from around the world so to have more businesses and investors participate in the capital market. As of the end of August, TWSE has organized overseas roadshows to attract investors in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Positive feedback from international institutional investors shows that despite the large volatility being experienced by capital markets around the world, there is still great interest in strong TWSE listed companies. TWSE is going to explore promising markets in the New Southbound Policy in the fourth quarter. The mission will be to attract more investors to invest in Taiwan's stock market and give a boost to the economic growth momentum.


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