The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2020

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

Supervision Mechanisms for Primary Listed Foreign Companies Strengthened

The enhanced supervision mechanisms are aiming to improve information disclosure, and are jointly carried out by the TWSE, listed foreign companies, CPA firms and underwriters. The implementation of augmented supervision measures seeks to further enhance investor confidence and benefit the development of the capital market.

Major enhancements in the supervision mechanisms include:

1. An improved information notification system within the TWSE to meet its goals of greater and swifter market alert functions;

2. Launching guideline of bank confirmation procedure for auditors highlighting the areas of heightened risk awareness;

3. An increased audit frequency of financial statements to improve the quality of the listed foreign companies’ financial reports;

4. Convening more investor conferences to increase interactions between the listed companies and investors to advance the information disclosure; and

5. Reinforcing the listing advisory guidance to ensure the listed company’s compliance with the listing rules and the relevant regulations.

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