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May 2021

Global Connection

To promote Taiwan’s ESG investing, the TWSE hosted two online investment events with Goldman Sachs and the QIC separately

With increasing ESG awareness, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (the “TWSE”) co-hosted two online investment events, the “2021 Virtual Taiwan Corporate Day” and “Taiwan CEO Week on Air” with Goldman Sachs and Quantum International Corp. (the “QIC”) separately in early April.


The “2021 Virtual Taiwan Corporate Day,” from April 7 to 9, attracted 151 institutional investors from Asia, European countries, and the United States to engage in 510 meetings with 27 listed companies. During the keynote speech session on April 7, the TWSE elaborated on the Taiwan capital market and ESG latest developments, and the European Goldman Sachs Sustain Analyst focused on introducing the latest ESG trends on asset integration, EU regulation, and potential risks.


The “Taiwan CEO Week on Air”, from April 7 to 16, successfully invited delegates from more than 50 Taiwan companies to meet with more than 250 institutional investors in over 1,500 online sessions. The April 14 online panel discussion, the “Taiwan-Leader in ESG: Corporate perspectives”, had invited panelists from Grape King Bio Group, Win Semiconductors, Allianz Global Investors and the TWSE, to explore the ESG-investing importance from the point of view of listed companies, investment firms and regulators. The ardent participation from attendees in the Q&A session added further gusto to the event.


The two successful events continued to introduce Taiwan’s ESG strengths, outlook and efforts made in past years to the world. The activities have not only brought listed companies and overseas investors together, but also captivated investors with ESG passion to pay greater heed to the Taiwan capital market.


If you are interested in reviewing the keynote speech and panel discussion, please feel free to click on the link below:

2021 Virtual Taiwan Corporate Day

Taiwan-Leader in ESG: Corporate perspectives


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