The Taiwan Monthly

Aug. 2021

Corporate Governance

Video of the Top 5% of enterprises in the 7th Corporate Governance Evaluation is launched online for your viewing!

The result of the 7th Corporate Governance Evaluation was release at the end of April (2021) of this year. Commendation has been given to enterprises that exhibited sound performance in corporate governance for the encouragement of fair competition among the enterprises and the development of positive corporate governance culture. The award presentation was cancelled to prevent possible infection of COVID-19, as the ceremony was likely to be held indoors with sizable crowds gathering. Instead, the award presentation was videotaped and launched online for public viewing. The video is accessible at .


To encourage sound performers of corporate governance, awards were presented to 45 TWSE-listed companies and 36 TPEx-listed companies, which were ranked among the top 5% in the evaluation. In addition, the category of “companies with market capitalization of NT$5~10 billion” was introduced for the first time in accordance with the “Corporate Governance 3.0 -Sustainable Development Roadmap” so that the others can learn more about the performance of enterprises of small to medium market cap in corporate governance. Another seven TWSE-listed companies and six TPEx-listed companies under this category and ranked among the top 5% in the performance of corporate governance were also awarded for the recognition of their achievement. The video contains the audiovisual information on the speeches delivered by Director-General Huang of the Financial Supervisory Commission and Chairman Hsu of the Taiwan Stock Exchange. This video has been uploaded to the official website of the Corporate Governance Center, WebPro and was also delivered to the winners for commemoration.


According to the TWSE, the 7th Corporate Governance Evaluation (2020) was based on 82 indicators in the four aspects of “Protecting Shareholder Rights and Interests and Treating Shareholders Equitably”, “Enhancing Board Composition and Operation”, “Increasing information transparency”, and “Putting Corporate Social Responsibility into Practice”. The evaluation result was announced on April 29, 2021. As compared with the evaluation of the previous year (the 6th), there were 25 companies listed at the TWSE/TPEx newly included among the top 5% of performers at a substitution rate of 31%.


The TWSE will review the indicators for corporate governance evaluation every year in line with development trends in this area at home and abroad. This includes the regulatory environment and government policy for ceaseless refinement. The indicators for the next evaluation (the 8th) were also released on December 30, 2020 with further fine-tuning of the qualitative indicators and differentiation of scoring. Effort has been made to support the advocacy of the “Corporate Governance 3.0 -Sustainable Development Roadmap” promoted by the competent authority to encourage enterprises to make capital investment in the environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG). In the future, further support will be given in alignment with the policies and practices under the blueprint and revision of the indicators in response to the recommendations of the others.  The TWSE goal is to upgrade the evaluation capacity and drive companies to self-sustaining corporate governance practices; different scores will be given according to implementation approaches as an incentive mechanism.


The TWSE objective is to internalize corporate governance as the DNA of an enterprise through the evaluation. In recognition of model enterprises, the TWSE targets the benchmarking effect to generate and drive corporate governance standards in the capital market of Taiwan.


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