The Taiwan Monthly

Aug. 2021

Global Connection

With the pandemic closely controlled, the TWSE remains diligent

With the significant drop in confirmed cases over the past weeks, Taiwan’s Covid-19 situation is tightly monitored and managed. The Central Epidemic Command Center (“CECC”) announced that it will lower the epidemic alert to Level 2, effective from July 27.


Although the pandemic posed a threat these past two months, Taiwan’s capital market proved to be well-prepared and resilient. The Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) has a Business Continuity Plan in place, and has implemented work-from-home and off-site work as precautionary measures. There are also two back-up trading systems in different locations to ensure uninterrupted operations. The TWSE unyieldingly observes and tracks its role and responsibilities, ensuring listed companies disclose information according to established rules and regulations. The TWSE will also carefully evaluate market conditions and take appropriate measures as necessary.


With Taiwan’s proper pandemic control, the Taiwan capital market stands reliable and ready.