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Jan. 2022

Global Connection

Get prepared for Metaverse – your smart choice in Taiwan

In 2021, the world took key strides in understanding the significance of metaverse. As we look ahead to 2022, here is the conference from the Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) that presents to you the related long-term opportunities of growth in Taiwan market. 


From January 4 to 7, the TWSE will co-host its first 2022 investment forum jointly with Masterlink Securities (“Masterlink”), with the theme fittingly as “Smart Taiwan 2022”. In addition to providing investors with the insight they have come to expect, the event will be held as a hybrid of in-person and virtual sessions, giving attendees the flexibility to participate no matter where they are based.


The “Smart Taiwan 2022” event will spotlight metaverse related hot issues, inviting global investors to communicate with 28 Taiwan listed companies from key industries today: intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city, intelligent appliances, intelligent health and more.


To further enhance the activity, the TWSE and Masterlink will also present several keynote speeches during the event, discussing prospects of metaverse related optical lens industries and trendy topics, such as ESG and cryptocurrency.


The TWSE English keynote speech, to be held on January 6, will elaborate on the ESG progress, implementation of international standards and investment values of Taiwan listed companies, facilitating investors to have a stronger understanding of TWSE’s determination in promoting ESG and Taiwan ESG vision. An expert from Masterlink will then present the “Imaging lens Application in Extended Reality Optical Design,” sharing views on the topic.


The keynote speeches will be available at the link below:

Smart Taiwan 2022 (After Jan 7,2022)


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